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This Okc plumbers post gives tips on whether you want to solve your plumbers Okc problems yourself. However, we recommend doing business with a certified technician rather than an improvising company, especially if your plumbing knowledge and expertise is limited. To do so you can simply fill out the form on this our website or call the phone also, right here you’ll find tips for most issues you will find in your home.

Prepare to repair the faucet
Disconnect (unsolder) a welded pipe
Clean the interior of a water heater (remove sediment)
Chase odors from black water pipes
Prevent hot water pipes from losing heat
Degrease your pipes

How To Prepare To Repair A Faucet Issues
These problems happen regularly that a faucet is defective and that it is always running. Before disassembling it, be sure that it is completely drained (free proof). For more safety, you should also close the main line that allows the water supply of all faucets to avoid excess water from leaking.

Then, place a sufficiently large plastic container under the sink; it will be used to ketch the water that will drain. To prevent parts from getting lost and to facilitate assembly when your repairs are completed, be methodical.

Place a stiff plate or a piece of plywood near where you are working and align all removed parts in the order of disassembly. You can also, as you dismount, take some pictures of how the elements are arranged with your smartphone or some other camera.

Separate (Take Off) A Welded Pipe
You have some pipe leaking problems that you would like to solve, but you are unable to separate (unsolder) a pipe with two parts welded. Generally, this difficulty is due to the water still in the pipe and not completely drained. In fact, the temperature of the water rises much slower than that of the elements of which your pipes are made up.
This prevents the material from reaching the degree of heat sufficient to melt the alloy that keeps the two parts sealed to each other. Here’s what the techs professionals suggest: evacuate the water. To do this,

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Close the main line that allows the water supply of all faucets. If you do not know where it is its usually the city water meter at the curb;
Using a drill (small bit), cut the inside of the pipe, as close as possible to the connection you want to separate it to allow the water to come out;
Your work will then be effective, and you will be able to separate the two parts;
All you will have to do to fix the issues would be to obstruct the small opening practiced and redo a new weld.

Clean The Interior Of A Water Heater (Remove Sediment)
In some areas, the water can be naturally ferrous, sulfurous, limestone or other. For example, calcareous water contains mineral salts which will be the cause of the formation of scale; deposits will accumulate at the bottom of the hot water tank.

It is better to remove these sediments before they adhere to the heating elements and reduce their efficiency (the water heater, which has to operate continuously to counter this resistance to the warming of the water, increases the energy bill.). Water heaters with an energy supply of oil or natural gas will produce gurgles. These sounds indicate that there are problems of sediment accumulation.

To Work Safely, Turn Of The Water and Gas Supply
Connect a hose, such as a garden hose, to the drain valve; the other end of the pipe being in the nearest drain or in the yard or container. If this is the case, plan several containers taking into account the size of your water heater (40.50 or 60 gallons).
Let the water out by gravity effect, it is possible that after you have turned on the power and let the water heater fill up, you will notice that you have to repeat the operation a second time if there was a large accumulation of deposits.

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Prevent Odor Issues From Black Water Pipes
A pipe vent is the small piece of pipe that you see protruding from the roof of the house. Its role is to ensure that air can pass from outside to inside and vice versa to create stability between the pressures in the pipe system so that the water can evacuate easily.
So that there is, at all times, good ventilation of the system, the vent must never be blocked by anything (nesting of some birds, ice, accumulation of snow, etc.). The symptom of deficient aeration is;

The slowness of the water to flow
Also, the stale air cannot exit or leaks outwardly with ease, remains trapped inside and gives off odors in the house from a crack or loose joint in the pipe.
To remedy the problems, simply unclog the pipe vent and cover the end of the pipe with a perforated cover or perforated plate.

Avoid Hot Water Pipes Leaking Heat
Unlike galvanized steel, cast iron or lead pipes of the past, today’s copper pipes in which water from the water heater circulates do not become hot to the touch. This means that they have a low thermal conductivity, hot water circulating in copper pipes, thus cooled in contact with the warm walls.

All these issues can be solved by wrapping them with a cylindrical polystyrene sheath insulating. Thus, the heat of the water will be preserved as well and it will help keep them from freezing. But this precaution needs to be applied to all the pipes in the house: such as those found in the floors as well as those found in the walls, paying particular attention to those in the attic or under the floor in your crawl space.

Degrease Your Pipes
It is known that boiling water dissolves fats. As a preventative measure, empty one or two liters of boiling water each month in each of your drains in the kitchen. This will dissolve soap scum and help remove accumulated residues if they are not too large. Thus, your pipes will clog less easily.

Finally, though one may fix a few minor pipe issues by himself, you want to remember that you are a novice as regards the technical problems. The ideal thing would be to contact a certified technician that can fix these slab leaks and some other pipe problems for us. Check our Blog.